just coping

I'm 56 and recently had some health setbacks.  Right now I just want to keep up with the many animals who live with me, including a large puppy, and be able to take care of the yard.  I live in central Florida, where things grow all year, and I have a fairly large yard I want filled with beautiful and edible plants.  I've made a good start but the weeds just don't stop coming, and I get out of breath so quickly.

Once I've got a handle on that, I want to become lean and muscular and vibrant with good health.

And if we're asking for miracles, I want to get organized.

All I've really accomplished so far is to breathe more deeply.  It makes a big difference, actually, because I no longer get out of breath instantly or take hours to catch my breath.  I did some weedeating today and felt good afterwards.  Soon I'll be able to walk those dogs (a German shepherd almost 11 months old and a boxer/husky mix almost 2 years old.)  Unfortunately they're not trained and will probably pull my arms out.

After I can walk them at least half an hour a day plus work in the yard, tai chi!  Then kickboxing!

I guess my actual goal is to  have the energy and endurance to do everything I want to do.


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