joyful - student project

Hi! Let me start by saying I loved your class! I wanted to start doing this for a while now, but it was very intimidating. I'm also one of those people who hoards sketchbooks ^^

So I've picked one out and started with the inside cover title page :D
I'm really happy with the topic (joyful) because I have to keep reminding myself about all the good stuff that happens :)

What better way to do that?

So I'll add a cover in progress and will update later.

Thanks again!

Sandra joyful - image 1 - student project

joyful - image 2 - student project

I have a few pages of stuff that's a bit too personal to share - but yesterday was a good day for art supplies ^^ So I wanted to share that! :D

joyful - image 3 - student project

joyful - image 4 - student project

joyful - image 5 - student project

joyful - image 6 - student project