- student project

Practicing on my friend, artist and poet Jeffrey Cyphers Wright who needed a site anyway.

Having trouble with the video. It's 5.2MB. I did upload it in the two forms, converted from a MOV iphone video. My html was OK since the example video loaded. I do want to edit and shorten the video...never worked with video before, except to embed a youtube. It's on the sonnets.html page.

Also wonder how to make the images responsive. I wanted my table in belles.html to link to full-size images. Not sure how to do that responsively though. Maybe this will come up in a video I haven't seen yet. I could put ea full-sized img on a separate page, that's the only way I see how. If there was a way to do something better for the desktop version, a slideshow or something, with a mediaquery, if iphone, do it this way, else if desktop, show this slideshow.

I like the idea of mobile first. First time I am doing it this way. Also like validating with WC3 by inputting directly. Also first time I created my own form instead of copy and paste. I wont say it is beautiful, but it looks functional enough. Like the simplicity of HTML5. Looking forward to getting the form to work. 

Had great trouble figuring out how to style it a bit and realized it was because I hadn't coded the textarea right. Usually when something's not working, it's because of a typo or syntactical error.

oops figured out the video. A simple blunder. Forgot to point to video/

3.14 Thur.

so working on the boxes and panels. not working mobile first anymore.  But trusting that we will rearrange things still and seeing how we are creating adaptable sections w everything fluid except the 960 wrapper, which will be called w a media query, looks like. Enjoying the class very much. Liked the demo on floats which always gave me the most trouble. Trying now to apply this in the project But not quite there yet. finally figured out how to color the bg panels since I am not using wood grain. 

3.15 TGIF

Resolved smth about boxes within boxes to get desired effect on some pages still need to get background on contact page. Why isnt it? Will figure out tomorrow..then again, it may be too redundant to have the gray on every page..will continue to work with box positioning, will watch slides again and maybe play with demo to get a better understanding. Im looking fwd to using blueprint or to save  lot of anxiety, but very good to understand how it works by doing it "from scratch." I guess the point is to make your own, customized.

Any ideas on how to present 4 or 5 images linked to thumbs, on the same page preferably, but better to make it responsive. Looking fwd to the discussion on this. 

check it out. The site looks too corporate for my subject, I wouldnt call it awesome at this point, but will work on style once I get everything presentable and followed the lessons.


Interesting office hours today. Good to converse in the google hangout and ask questions. Thanks. And thanks for reading through this. Here is Smush...a little hard to find. 

Fixed previous problems. A great way to learn by doing. And repeating on every page really hammers it in. As my first teacher at Pace told me, thats how you learn. Just keep doing it over and over again. What really held me back is making a website, then nothing, then another, then I'd forget in between and didnt have a good work flow. It is good motivation to be in the class.  The site is starting to look awesome to me.

Somewhere I missed something and the nav will need work..need to remove "display: block" from it? Need to look into why it's vertical when the teachers is horizontal. Obviously I missed something somewhere in my rush to get responsive.  I'd like it to be above the logo, if possible. Below would be OK too, maybe.


got the nav in place. Looking good. I know that using sprites would be better, ?? It seemed like a lot more work to make the sprites and get them sized perfectly and synching with the gradient layer behind. Some advice here or comment would be helpful. Also had trouble with matching the gradient to the bottom gradient... But then liked it as is, or got used to it.


Broke down and put in a jquery slideshow. Decided upon Malsup new version no.2. I had been happy with no.1. It was a bit more complicated but I liked the fact that in the end, their was no javascript on the page. It was all done with html and separate scripts. Since we were instructed to make a js folder, it seemed like farther on down the line, we'd be putting in jquery, maybe for the responsiveness. I am just at the beginning of 4.1.2 and a little afraid that what Ive done so far, in straying from the example site we're supposed to be working on, will not be easy to transform into responsive. I can see why, so that's something showing I have a better understanding of how to do it, even if this particular project I'm doing fails at responsiveness.


powering through the transformation to responsive.


I think I have a reasonably responsive result. First responsive site. Thank you Jonathan!