jane eyer with gargoyles

jane eyer with gargoyles - student project

jane eyer with gargoyles - image 1 - student projectjane eyer with gargoyles - image 2 - student projectjane eyer with gargoyles - image 3 - student project

We went for a photo drive out into the Idaho farm country and stumbled through some huge, overgrown heirloom old rose bushes and discovered this property... and we met the owner, who graciously took us on a tour of the place and allowed us to take pictures! The house was an old stone two story built in the 1860s and the gardens would inspire Jane Eyer or Emily Bronte to write about glorious high society garden parties... Parts of the garden were freshly planted with beautiful flowers surrounding the many old, cold, stone statues. Other parts were overgrown and trying to take over the decaying, forgotten Halloween decorations... It was a very surreal experience!