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it's way harder than i thought

I'm Raido, 32, living in Tallinn, Estonia. (thats in Europe)
Using 2 PC's (home and office, only chrome, gmail and dropbox synced) and iPhone 4S.
Time management world championships - last place.
Productivity world champs - look at the last row, obviously I didn't go there ;)
Gmail inbox - 100 unread e-mails, 9500 e-mails alltogether.
Around 50 shortcuts on desktop, thats home, same amount at the office.
Up to fix that now.

Day 1.

  • Watched all videos. Tried to understand as much I could. My native language is estonian and my first foreign language at school was german, so my knowledge in english is not so perfect. But I hope I can manage this. 
  • Installed todoist (I have PC) and evernote.
  • Started to collect my open loops, got 10 of them in the first place.

Hardest part - having watched first 2-3 videos I didn't ahve any glue whats going on. After that it got clearer with every lesson. 

Day 2.

Did not make any progress, it was a busy day. But wait a sec, I still got somethin for you

  • Added some more open loops and deleted some completed tasks.
  • Started to write this story here.

Day 3. (missed 2 months, but will carry on)

So embarrassing. But it is harder than I thought. Not to mention, my mother language is estonian, so I dont click english so perfectly :)
But thing is, I lost myself during Christmas and NewYear, since then havent got back to track.

  • Now I have done some swimming once a week, 7AM, before the work which starts 10AM, since beginning of the year (feels great, even the waking up early part)
  • And going to run couple of times a week.
  • staying fit is most important, the more I do the more I can

    But today, spending 30-45minutes 
  • organizing some e-mails (archiveing and deleteing)
  • collecting some more open loops
  • checking out the new ToDoist "Empty your inbox" gmail app


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