its the journey not the destination

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to accomplish when I saw the posting for the class. I'd never even heard of GoMighty! I actually enrolled without really looking into it as I felt I needed something to shake up my life and a 1 week class seemed the perfect thing. Little did I know how much it would change my outlook.

I always have way too many balls in the air. I do everything I can not to drop any and yet, something always has to give as everyone knows. The fact is, though, that the balls that get dropped are always the ones that have to do with *me* directly and don't really affect anyone else. It's frustrating and I had resigned myself to the fact that this is simply how it is, but that still didn't settle within me.

When I signed up and found out more about what the class was for and how it would function I was thrilled that this could be the thing I needed. Something to make me really look at myself and hold me accountable for taking time to nurture *me* and not putting everyone else 1st. 

So there you have it. My goals may be like countless others, they may be a bit quirky, a bit unusual, or a bit heartwarming to some...but after carefully thinking about it and going through the process they are uniquely me and for that I will always be thankful I signed up.


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