intuition - student project

I loved this class, it really brought me back to my childhood when I first started playing with watercolor.  My main piece I really flowed into with pure feeling and didn't realize until I was almost all the way done that it was a literal story that was told with my strokes.  Thank you for the inspiration to just let it go, I've been struggling with this a lot lately.  I feel that I put my emotional struggle of wanting to almost burn down my old life for a new one-figuratively speaking that is.  I realized my painting started to take on an animistic feel.  Like I was drawing some sort of flying beast that was burning away my barriers and leaving rainbows behind.  None of this was conscious and I've never had this big of a breakthrough in emotional painting.  I discovered a lot about myself though this.  I would consider myself somewhere between beginner and intermediate.  I've painted since I was child on and off but never with this much intensity and emotion.  I'm more positive now than ever that I can take on a new career. <3
intuition - image 1 - student projectMy second one I decided to watercolor some faces I was practice sketching with a flow and it worked into a weird image which I ended up pretty happy with in the end.  
intuition - image 2 - student project