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into the wild

I feel so grateful & fortunate to see that there is just so many things I love in my life, with focus and direction as my greatest needs.

In one year from now...

Spiritual Practices

to find acceptance and confidently move forward, and authentically let go of lingering rotating addictions

daily meditation practice ingrained

practice the 5Rhythms about 1 x / month

swim lots 

plant study (wild, medicinal, edibles)


5+ camper trips / year 

one adventure trip with Anthony every year

a visit to both our families on the east coast at least every 2 years

one music festival every summer, with a live show every couple months

start instilling water culture into life - paddleboarding rivers & scuba diving


roof & ground floor walls are re-done (June)

tarp sauna and hose rigged outdoor shower in place (May / June)

irrigation timers on gardens figured out (May / June)

removed old compost, planted more orchard, tidied up property


bambina enroute

monthly ladies night thriving / monthly work pot luck doc night thriving 

see my mom at least once / week (incorporate yoga, exercise....)


4 days / week  (only 50% seated)

better work / life / study balance (not feeling so busy)

6 doula clients / year approved now, see how this works (postpartum for only those I've attending births for)

teach 3 yoga classes / week (add on one in Paradise Valley & about 1 / week at Brew)

pre-natal yoga & one other for accredited course

2 batches of pesto


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