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insani cantavit

insani cantavit literally means Mad Men Crew in latin. 

I thougth that would be a cool name for an urban lifestyle brand.

Latin takes us to Rome, the crazyest place in the human history. A place that was once ruled by a guy named Caligura, wich was the most insane human been, according to the Bananas Magazine.

It would operate as a small startup with five guys, just like the one i'm running in real life:

One fashion designer, one photographer, one web designer, one product developer and the fucked up one that runs the company, takes care of the projects management, produces content in social media and it's the one calling the customers and hanging out with them around São Paulo streets. Ya, I forgot, is a brand based in Brazil.

Brazil has a great scene on skate as a sport. A lot of world champions ar BR, like Bob Burnquist, Da Lua (downhill), Sandro Dias and a lot more. But the Skate Brands here as really poor in creativity. Most of them are copies of huge american brands or makes shitty products or, not bullshitting you guys, they pretends they are american brands, with sites in english. That's ridiculous, but that's Brazil.

I'm using a latin name because Latin is the base of most of the western languages and the word "insani" still existis in italian, AND is very close to INSANE. Tha's half of the world understanding at least a part of our name.

Cantavit is not very intuitive but, thinking in SEO, when ppl see "Insani Cantavit" writen in t-shirts, skate decks, decals, they won't have any trouble finding us online, the only one content producer using the term in the begining of the brand, is the brand.

There's a lot of places in São Paulo where I can hangout with skateboarders, Praça Roosevelt is the biggest skate spot in São Paulo Downtown and it stays in Augusta Street, a great place to have our Flagship Store. So we would be easily found by our public.

Praça Roosevelt

Images: Praça Roosevelt, a huge skate local spot. And El Cabriton, an cool store located in Augusta Street.

In out store, web site and social media channels there will be many ways to be contacted by our customers. They will also have a Mental Institucion Number, when we can track their buyin' habits and giving discounts on our products.

Our public are men and women between 15 and 35 years old. They are fast food lovers based in São Paulo Downtown. They live at the suburbs, but go daily downtown to work, shopping, meet their friends and spend some time flippin' boards at Praça Roosevelt. They buy a lot of Element, DC Shoes, Huff and Billabong. And they hate Mylie Cyrus guts.





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