- student project
  1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

A marketing website where small business owners go to learn how effectively use social media to market their businesses. Our 12-week FREE online class will take them through the steps they need to develop their social media marketing strategy while helping them learn more about what makes their company unique.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:

Finding ways to work smarter not harder to grow their businesses. Their time is valuable so they’re willing to put in a couple of hour every week to work through the exercises and read the resource content in the blog.

3. Your brand is NOT:

  • For people looking for a quick fix to increase their fans/followers.
  • Not a techy site letting business owners know about the latest widgets to add to their websites.
  • People not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to develop a strong social media presence.


4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

 How a well-researched social media marketing strategy creates opportunities for engagement, thus helping small businesses grow their revenues.

 This program helps our readers as it saves them the time to find the information on their own. We take them through the discovery process to find the following information to create their marketing plan:

  1. Clearly define your products and services
  2. Discover your target audience and how to reach with them
  3. Which social networks your potential customers use
  4. Develop your company’s social media marketing strategy
  5. Uncover your company’s voice to connect with your audience

By the time you’ve completed this course, you should have a clear understanding of who your primary customers are, which social media platforms they hang out in and how to develop a social media marketing campaign to make your company’s message gets heard.


Objective (what is the goal of this branding project):

  • To find a way to connect with small business owners who are looking for social media marketing help.
  • The foundation of the program is based on the idea that social media engagement is like going to a 1950’s neighborhood store where everyone knows your family and is connected to you on a personal level.

Target (who is the brand trying to reach - demographic and mindset):

  • Small business owner
  • Located anywhere, not just restricted to the US
  • Aged 25 – 50: open to using and learning more about social media
  • They value the growth of their business but find traditional media isn’t working for them or they can’t afford it
  • Looking to use social media to market their business

Insight (what deep consumer need is the brand trying to solve):

  • They need to understand how social media works but have limited amount of time as they wear all the hats to keep their business running
  • Want to learn how to reach more customers and keep current customers loyal without having a huge marketing budget

Key Idea (the core purpose of the brand - should be pithy & inspirational):

The inner social meda-ness process is important to generating a true connection with your customers. This program will help you develop a relationship with your true audience and teach you how to show how your business is human and not just focusing on making your next sale. When your company is true to its authentic self, your business represents an organization you’re proud to share with the online world.

Supporting Facts About the Brand:

1. 12-week online class, every week you receive an email with educational content and exercises for you to use with your own business

2. Exercises take you through the steps to develop a social media marketing strategy

3. Provide business owners are given real-time information to help them understand how social media works, how to find new customers and how to create a marketing message that connects thus building a loyal customer base

3-Word Personality (the brand’s tone):

 Adjectives for the brand: retro/vintage, engaging, non-techy, educational, light-hearted, mid-century

Create a collage of imagery that represents the personality and “mood” of the brand: I created a Pinterest board:



Penney Fox

President, Fox Interactive Consultants