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inky goodness

DAY 01

Just got an email in my inbox today about this class and immediately started watching all the lessons. I've loved Yuko Shimizu's style and compositions for many years but I've done very little illustrating in a long time and thought it was a good opportunity to knock some of the rust off my drawing muscles.

I used my lunch break to go get supplies at Utrecht and pushes my keyboard out of the way so I could follow along with the last few videos, brush in hand.

I got the nicest Sumi brush I cold find there (which I think is still probably only a mediocre brush since it was part of a nott too expensive two-brush sumi set with ink block. Also got a really fine watercolor brush just in case I couldn't hold a nice line with the sumi brush.

Anyway. I don't have an active sketchbook so I'm going to have to think about texture and come up with an idea for what to do.

<Just the scrap page on which I was trying out the brushes and following along.>

DAY 02

So it occured to me that I really love a lot of fashion illustrators who are masters of watercolor so I thought if I have to incorporate six different textures what better place to mix materials than in a fashion illustration. Right?!

Some examples of washy fashiony goodness:

<I mean....seriously!>

So I worked up a little sketch and we'll see if I can pull off the bevy of textures I have planned.  I'm definitely going to need to gather reference for several of them.


Here's the sketch. Next step, ink.

DAY 03

With so many textures to deal with I wanted to gather reference and do some studies. Didn't want to waste too much nice watercolor paper.


Had some time and took a crack at it.

I got Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper. I think maybe I want something with less tooth. The learning curve is a bit of a challenge with both the unfamiliar brushes and the unfamiliar surface. It absorbs like a sponge. On top of that I got the permanent ink which seriously shortened the time I could push pigment around.

It was really enjoyable, regardless, to be playing with ink! Don't think I'm complaining!

So anyway, here's my first pass:

It's unfinished. Didn't have time to tackle the glove or the clutch in her hand (Which I intended to stud with crystals. Masochist.)

I like how messy her braid looks but the rest of the hair was not intended to be as dry-brushy. There was meant to be a contrast from the sleek beehive to the messy braid. The super thirsty paper made that hard to control.
I do like the nubby texture I got in the coat but I feel like I missed on the nose ring because I didn't leave enough white paper showing through to get the right contrast for metal.
Overall I'm pretty happy but I think I might reboot it on bristol to lower the degree of difficulty. Also maybe I'll think about the whole composition.


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