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Becky Prinn

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inky fishing illustrations

Thanks for the skillshare Tom, really good tips on working in Photoshop without losing quality.

I decided to do a fishing theme to work on icons that were more unfamiliar for me instead of drawing the same things!  The flask was the slight "odd one" as I thought what would people fishing be eating and drinking.  

Initially, I sketched lots of icons to give me some options.  Initial sketch:


I then started playing around with compositions on my computer, cutting out different elements in photoshop and repositioning them.  I decided to make my design into a greeting card.  This is the final composition:


Next up I drew all the shapes in Photoshop choosing a blue colour to link in with the water theme (for some reason the colours are distorted in this one!):


I then started playing around with textures, using an old calligraphy pen and black ink.  I played around a bit with the effect water had with the ink:



I then started adding textures to the icons


I decided that some of the elements I'd already drawn, such as the fish eyes, and areas on the rod would look better with marks instead of vector shapes, so changed these, I also added a natural textured background to tie in with the outdoor theme:


If anyone's got any advice to improve, that would be great.  I feel my artwork doesn't have the spontaneity and freedom that Tom's has!  Thank you


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