injureFREE Launch Campaign - The begining of safer sports

injureFREE Launch Campaign - The begining of safer sports - student project

My company, the Agency for Student Health Research, is developing a web-based injury reporting service to help parents of student athletes stay in close communication with coaches, athletic trainers and team doctors in an effort to minimize youth sports injuries, for FREE.

The evolution of injureFREE began with a demonstrated need for improvement within the youth sports world.  After collaboration with administrators within the Southern California school system, the Agency for Student Health Research developed a new approach aimed at improving the communication between school employees and parents of student athletes.  By employing "big data" concepts utilized by Electronic Medical Records (EMR), expert medical professionals within Health Systems and hospitals now oversee what injuries are occurring at local high schools and offer their suggestions to help reduce the overall rate of occurrence.

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This community based approach is the first of its kind in the US aimed at reducing youth sports injuries at such a large scale.  By including equipment manufacturers, orthopedic specialists, and other available resources to address injuries and injury prevention, parents can now monitor their child's health and safety with confidence. By keeping a close eye on how those trusted with student athlete safety are acting and reacting to their child's needs, every organization providing injureFREE for their parents puts their student athletes safety above all else.

Charlie Wund
President-Agency for Studenth Health Research