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initials in old glass and clay

There's a jar of very old marbles on my desk, they belonged to my husband's father, or maybe his father's father. I made my initials l-p-c one at a time on our very old floor, which was silly but also funny, with marbles rolling around everywhere. I assume it would take quite a bit of work to make these useable as graphics, but I love the color and personality of each marble!


I loved doing this! Used ink only, no second chances, and tried to move quickly. As seems clear, I spent more time with the more difficult letters...and got better results. Toward the end, my hand was killing me, things look more tired and sloppy! Nonetheless, it was really interesting to have to think about each and every little curve and line. Thanks for a fun exercise.


My 6-year-old wanted to take the pictures for me. Some are from around town, some from home. From top left: I love the bike stencil. There are only so many awesome stencil typefaces. "PAY HERE" - so stupid that they made this vertical. WTH? It would have easily fit horizontally, and the typeface is totally fine for this application. "Clearance" - I don't love this typeface, but it is appropriately catchy here - bold and colorful. "Your hometown" - it's a coloring book for kids, which is the only reason I give it a pass. I guess it is supposed to be "fun." The handwritten bakery sign is just the kind of thing I especially like. Tidy handwriting with a little bit of personality says more to me than a printout of any kind. Real estate sign? Fine, classy use of traditional typefaces. "Animal Gas" is the title of a hilarious scratch-and-sniff book about fauna farts....the title face is perfect. My little boy LOVED the "Old Europe" typeface just as much as I hate it. He says it's "fancy" ;) My 4-year-old's "journal" included because I think it's funny.


I do this in my head All. The. Time. Fun assignment!


Out of practice.


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