in lieu of beach time

I really enjoyed the class! As a completely PhotoShop novice (I literally downloaded the program yesterday), the class was pretty straightforward and very easy to understand. I did run into an issue when I couldn't get my brush to appear after I opened the image for the final piece. But eventually through just searching through every tab I could find I found my brush (well, 3 brushes, because I thought I had messed up in creating the actual brush). I also had issues finding the Magic Wand-- it was not in my tool bar by default. I had to find it with the same process as was explained for the Magic Eraser. 

ANYWAY-- I enjoyed this class. It did give me some ideas for how to improve my lettering to look better digitally. I feel like it looks a little puny when put on the computer. I think my hairlines are too fine. I'm excited to have concrete ideas on how to improve. 



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