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Natasha Sligh

A fashion/journalism/graphic design student




(not much) About My Project

Step I

After finding the colors I wanted to build on, I just spent an hour or two browsing the following sites for images:


*in the unlikely cases that anyone reads this, StyleSight is a fashion forecasting firm and to view their content you need a couple thousand dollars for a membership. I got lucky that my university subscribes to them and thus, my free access.

The font used was a free one, 'Age to Age', by Johnathan S. Harris over at

Step II

I didn't compile all the pictures into a folder and then simply place them, which would have saved me a lot of time, and it was for a reason. I'm a visual learner. I need to see things in place to determine what works in what way before I can commit to anything. So there was a lot of placing and moving and frowning (lather, rinse, repeat) before I was happy with what I had.

Step III

I went back and made some adjustments to contrast and added some layer effects after I had all the pictures in place and wah-lah. in•tu•it was born.


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