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I have no current project so using a random quote that I stumlbed accross online which caught my eye.

Im not type designer so needed a bit of help on what fonts to draw so went thourgh my type library to see what I had, I then copied each letter until I liked the look of what I had drawn.

Using photoshop I then set the letters up into the words I wanted to use. Unfortunatly my phone is old and so the photos I took of the letters were blurry and not very crisp (I dont have a scanner) so when I got them into photoshop they were difficult to manipulate with the levels and it started to get really blown out looking. Since they were difficrent photos the levels were all over the place for each set of letters.

I did what I could and printed out a page of all the type arranged in the way I wanted my design to look.

I then traced over the printout so I had one trace that I could photograph and all the levels will be the same (i was hoping that would help when bringing it in to photoshop), plus I add some extra details. I also used the better digital camera to get a shot for photoshop.

even with my better camera im still having a hard time takng its photo and getting the whites, white and the blacks, black, which is a little frustrating, but Im not sure how important that is for the vectorizing (as in how black does it relly have to be)

Also I have been needing to do lots of retouching of the letterforms - I kind of rushed the coloring in of the letterforms so now paying for it in time spent putzing around in photoshop retouching everything.

This is where I am upto - you can see where some of the lettering is washed out like the thin stoke under the immortal L and you can also see the remainder of the coloring from the paper at its edges.

I might tweak the swirls between the line 'i am aware' and 'immortal' to center it horizontal somewhat.


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