i'm excited for the logitech c922. ..

i'm excited for the logitech c922. .. - student project

hey guys, little update.

did you manage to get your logitech c920 setup and sorted for live streaming or your video projects? - i'm hoping so, i just wanted to update and add a project because logitech are pushing a new project now, the c922. i'm guessing that i'll be able to control it the same way with the webcam settings program because it's logitech code, i'm not sure if they give you a software dashboard but i'll report back to you.

if your getting a logitech camera then you need to take a look at the c922 version because it has extra horsepower and encoding in the camera so no load on your computer. this is a good thing!

anyway, just giving you an update and if you did get your camera going please leave me a project of your setup i'd love to see it! what's your recording room look like?

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow