i'm excited about crypto

i'm excited about crypto - student project

when i first looked at bitcoin and crypto currency i thought it was fair too complicated for me to understand, in some regards at the base level i will never understand how it works properly.

BUT.. .

i do understand the idea of an open and transparent ledger that is witnessed by those that mine it, that the transactions themselves added with a large mathimatical function is how we know (based over time) that event took place. . more than that, i've found something that interests me more as i slowly retreat from the usual bricks and mortar workforce.

. .. the blockchain.

the blockchain is the key component here that i'm interested in. i'm starting to see lots of decentralized crypto based blockchain powered technologies that just MAKE SENSE for me as an artist, media maker, storyteller and open to a global conversation about trust, finance and authenticity.

in the last few months i've discovered an community below the usual social minefield which is facebook fake news and white noise twitter. i've found a place where people travel around the world and live purely on digital transactions of crypto currency. where their voice and blog posts are their financial passport to this new world.

if you have not taken my course yet, please. do - some of these places will blow your mind and i've got a lot more to come yet! :)

follow me on steemit and i'll show you around! :) 

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow