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illustration for a poster


This is an illustration of a poster I created for a play called Dunsinane. It tells the story of what happened after the defeat of Macbeth in Dunsinane.

In the play Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a determined woman with courage and strong will to survive, despite of the turmoil and devastated conditions of her country. I try to use the fiery, waving hair to suggest her uplifting and fearless character. In comparison, the English general Siward, who come to Scotland to restore order finds himself lost and exhausted in the endless war. I try to depict him as helpless and fragile in the winter snow.

I practiced Chinese calligraphy before, but this is my very first ink drawing using chinese brush, I love the fluidity of the brush and the lines they bring. Thank you Yoko for sharing with us your techniques and love your work =-)


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