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PROGRESS:  Stripes are a bit tedious, but good practice.


relying on the pen tool a bit more, the bezzier handles and curves sometimes get out of my control, but I'm getting used to it.

Blocking out the primary shapes primarily using the paint blob, pen tool and line tool... 

Hope you guys like it so far...


Was able to contact the agency for the chicken mohawk ad, but have not heard from them.  Since this is for educational purposes, I am going to use this classic Frosted Flakes ad.  Love this version of Tony the Tiger.

I'd like to give this AD a try...  Just not sure how to go about contacting the artist/ad agency for permission to recreate-  Anyone able to help, please let me know.

Most of this is a refresher for me, but is helpful, so far.  Can't wait to dive into the next units and get familiar with the PEN TOOL again!


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