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illimilli — logo for home decor shop

On my birthday I get one of my lovely book  about calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe So, I started to learn everithing about it. I'm graphic designer and now I want to dedicate most of my projects to calligraphy. And because of that this master class was really necessary for me. 

Friend of mine ask me to make logo and name for her decor shop. The name we create is illimilli. It's really intersting to write this name.

So, that's my first iteration 

The descriptior will «lovely decor» and I desided to connect it with icon. It can be something like heart (I didn't deсided what kind of).


After PS result



Now I'm thinking on descriptor and I need some advice. Don't know what kind of type should I use with this tipe of script.

Thank you for your attention. I'd like to get comments and advices.

And that is my result 


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