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iValidate | enhancing capital budget planning

All the big problems happen on the first day. Never before has this been more true.

The process for budgeting the time, money and resources needed to successfully create any large project is fraught with risk. The pace of change, politics and financial complexity all work to increase the opportunities for catastrophic errors of judgment. Yet, when planning for the future of major capital assets, critical decisions are made based on broad generalizations, opinion and anecdotal evidence. All too often, these decisions result in projects that harm reputations, undermine community solvency and become political problems.

Making decisions without facts is fraught with risk. iValidate capitalizes on this fact, to bring better decisions to the public... based on real data and repeatable facts.

iValidate is a geographic_building_facilities ecosystem designed to rapidly create repeatable information to  enable improved early decision-making in a cradle-to-cradle built world. Using rules-based tools, collaborative processes and commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, iValidate brings Facility Owners decision-making information at the earliest possible time to create better, more sustainable solutions. IValidate enable institutional owners to develop the early decision facts needed to improve certainty in the planning, forecasting, development, portfolio management, property management, operations and real estate side of the capital facilities market. 


  • We benefit from social networks and data in every aspect of modern life. Tools such as the Onuma System and BIMstorms offer a vision of the same level of integration and comprehensive systems thinking in the built environment. Projects such as the California Community Colleges Fusion System continue to prove that connecting data to facility operations impoves an Owner's ability to make better, more informed capital planning decisions.
  • Building on the efforts documented in the breakthrough book BIG BIM little bim, iValidate cuts through the hype to achieve clarity about integrated practice and building information modeling in the capital planning world. Makers of the Environment posits a vision on how society can take advantage of new and emerging technology to create a better, more sustainable world for our children by appying today's technology to the wasteful and outdated processes that characterize design and construction today.

Human resources

  • iValidate is an offshoot of Design Atlantic Ltd, a next practices architecture, planning and management consultancy, using integrated processes, building information modeling, cost as a constraint and facilities management technologies to help clients gather facts quicker to optimize decision making. iValidate takes advantage of Design Atlantic's extensive network of external experts to staff and support client engagements.
  • Finith E. Jernigan, is an internationally recognized architect, educator, author and publisher. An expert in integrated practice using information model technology and next business practices, he has received unprecedented press recognition for teaching people how to use information modeling tools, including Google Earth, in new ways that help save money...and help make money. His no-nonsense descriptions of complex concepts made BIG BIM little bim directly applicable to building industry business processes that increase effectiveness of building design, construction and operation.

Who your customer is and what the customer gets from doing business from you:

  • iValidate works with institutional owners (county and municapal governments, colleges, cities and other organizations) searching for ways to make more informed, fact-based decisions… well before they expend significant resources and risk the political capital to move forward. They need to make ‘go/no-go’ decisions very early in the process... based on facts. They need to minimize the chances of being over budget, late or buried in problems. They know that they cannot rely on anecdotal tales and history, and the fact that it we did it that way for twenty (or 200) years does not work anymore.

What part of this is hard, which part is unique, and how you're going to repeat it again and again.

  • iValidate's opportunities come outside of the “normal” design process where most tools currently in use, pretty much ignore the capital facility planning needs of instutional clients. The long established approach to projects is accepted as a fait accompli by the majority of owners and the design industry, even though the current processes have been shown to be highly inefficient and wasteful.

  • iValidate's hardest task is to communicate the power of using rules based systems and processes to front load decision making. Few in the capital planning world understand the importance and value of data that can start small and inexpensively and then grow over time to become a significant enterprise asset.

  • iValidate is also faced with helping customers recognize the potential of new types of teams and tools to help make more informed, fact-based decisions to effectively manage risk.


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