iPhone Cinema Film School

iPhone Cinema Film School - student project

iPhone Cinema Film School

I will be teaching the techniques and tricks to produce better videos for Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat.

Learn basic framing techniques then use those skills to develop better composition, then lastly, combine ALL of your lessons to create a scene!

LESSON 1 : The Basics

Basic Framing Techniques
• Wide / Master Shot
• Medium Shot
• Close Up
• Extreme Close Up
• Dolly
• Arching Dolly
• Jib / Crane / Boom Shot
• Tracking Shot
• Push In

Homework : Shoot Something Using Your New Techniques!

LESSON 2 : Composition

Building a Composition
• The Rule of 3rds
• Support Systems (Tripod, etc)
• Make the Ordinary Extra Ordinary
• Shooting a Conversation
• Advanced Camera Work
• Free Editing Apps
• Cheap "Looks" Apps

Homework : Shoot a Conversation Over Dinner

LESSON 3 : Shooting a Full Scene

Building a Scene
• Coverage of the Scene
• Eyelines and Tempo
• Better Lighting Makes People Happy
• Editing Techniques
• Publishing Your Work
• Follow Me and Tag Me

Keith Sims

Let's Learn Better Filming Techniques...