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iPOWER TV - Weekly empowerment live streaming series

I'm a social networking virgin.

I've been a luddite for too long now.  I was that quirky chick who didn't like the invasion of social media.  "What no facebook?" said my friends.  Until a back injury in 2012 left me staring at the ceiling for months and doctors suggested I'd be a cripple for the rest of my life.  (stay with me, this story is going somewhere).

OK so it's not a picture of me, but this is how I moved about for several months.

Anyway, to stave off depression after I lost my job, my mother involved me in a mindset course she was teaching.  As a renowned Australian psychic and medium, I had always admired her career,  her thousands of clients, her workshops and her radio shows, but never really understood the crux of her work. What was it like to be the teenage daughter of a psychic?  Well that's for another blog.  Needless to say, I'm a very practical and down to earth person, however at the time I was desperate to engage my mind numbing monkey chatter, so I took the bait.

From my sick bed she engaged my skills as a writer, film and television producer to research and adapt themes from a 90 year old text she claimed was the source of the last centuries new thought movement.

  written by this guy :    

As someone who loves to translate complex subjects into simplified concepts, this project presented a major curve ball.  I've worked with scientists translating Artificial intelligence, travelled the world investigating climate change, taken road trips across Asia following child trafficking trails, you get the picture... it was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  To truly understand what the heck it was all about, I had to apply the teachings.  To cut a year long story short,  I discovered the brilliance of interconnectedness - inside AND out.  

Under my mother's tutelage I slogged away and we produced a 6 month course for 20 students which will end this May.  The course has led each student to encounter profound changes in their lives - including myself.  

Which hopefully gives you an insight to the thinking behind iPOWER TV.  I'm using my TV producing skills to package this information into 7-10 minute live streaming programs.  I think of them as bite sized chunks of light and have convinced my mother to host the series.  

I've set up a members website and mail chimp newsletters for our subscribers.  I have to build a new website but am not daunted by this as I've dabbled with wordpress before. All that said, now that I'm 'INTERCONNECTED' so to speak,  I'm super keen to immerse myself in all social media modalities as this is surely what interconnectedness is all about?  Can you believe it, I posted my first photo on facebook tonight.

I want to set up my own blog to document our journey and am thinking of calling it: Lick your dreams into shape.  I've never written a blog before and am overwhelmed by the process as I only ever write for other people.  I think the key is:  move over perfectionism and just press ENTER.

After watching Nates video I think I should set up a tumblr site to archive the live streaming videos.  The only hitch is that it needs to have membership access.  I appreciate all feedback.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to reviewing everyone else's work.



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