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Ze Alexandre

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Hi class!!

I didn't finish my story yet, but I think I already have something to start. It's a "comeuppance tale" and I decided to explore first the object (mirror, where all the story comes from), and the character (so I can create funny situations and a great conflict).

Here's what I already have:

-It's about a good, immediatist and vain character and a tricky mirror that changes people into what they want to be for a short amount of time. After that, they become the person they thought they were.

Mirror Rules:
#1- The mirror always reflects the way you see yourself, not exactly the way you are.
#2- The magic lasts a short amount of time
#3- When the character gets back from the transformation, he's always worse than he was before the magic - He becomes the person he thought he was.

- He's a nice guy, but very immediatist and vain. Always takes shortcuts to get what he wants.

- Because of his immediatism, he starts using the mirror without reading the instructions. After some trouble, he must find a way of not being changed into the monster he thinks he is. -- His mind may change as he transforms making it even harder to find a solution. 

- There's no easy way to achieve your dreams.



As soon as I can draw I'll start some storyboard sketches to develop the story! If you have any funny idea situation or contrasting-possible-transformation (in this world), I'd be glad to know it!!



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