iMessage template

iMessage template - student project

iMessage template - image 1 - student project

I took this skill to make an iMessage template, now I can make these messages super easily, no matter what text the client gives me! I also made a checkbox, to flip a message into an incoming message.

The trickiest part was that the textbox and text has to scale from center, but the text must be left aligned. I used a transform effect in the end. I also made a null for the disappearance, since I don't want to make extra keyframes when I drag the text around. 

Is there a way to limit the textbox width so that it will automatically start a new line when the letters reach a certain limit? Another question, is there a way to pin point the edge of the textbox, so that the right side of the box always stick there no matter the length of the text? But the text can't be right-aligned coz it's not normal.

I've always loved this side of motion design where maths meets arts. Thanks Jake for sharing your super professional knowledge, I am SO looking forward to a sequence on this topic :3