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iMantra (placeholder name) is an app I threw together to help me acquire new habits I wanted to acquire. 

For example, I set out to improve my posture at one point. I created this app to display a desktop notification in the corner of my screen every hour, saying "Check your posture."

Eventually, after seeing this notification regularly, the habit of checking my posture became automatic, and as a result my posture got better, and I didn't need this "mantra" reminding me anymore. I then reused it to acquire other self-improvement habits, like "Get up and stretch", "Do some deep breathing," or "Record how you feel right now. " I also made it possible to change how often you get reminded - 15 minutes, every hour, every 3 hours. 

I'd like to redo the app in a format that makes it easy for others to use and sell it, but first I'd like to gauge whether it's worth my time. 

  1. Problem Hypothesis: People will purchase an app that constantly reminds them about something they want to make into a habit. 
  2. Solution Hypothesis: iMantra: a desktop app that will help you acquire better habits. Summarize the habit you want to acquire in one instructional sentence ("Adjust your posture," "Take a break", "Stop and stretch," "Take 5 deep breaths."), and reminds them about it periodically with a Growl notification. They can customize the interval (Remind me every 1 minute, 30 minutes,  2 hours, etc). 
  3. Assumptions about users:
    1. There are a good amount of people who want to acquire better habits (who work on desktop computers all day).
    2. They would pay a small fee for a desktop app that will make this easier (collectively enough to warrant the building of the app). 
    3. They will believe that a notification like this could help them acquire the habits they want to acquire
    4. I could use feedback on these!
  4. Riskiest Assumption: I think #2, but could use feedback. 
  5. MVP Draft: Get people in my social networks to fill out a Google form - ask if they would use it, and if they would pay for it. Possibly Fake It by throwing up a descriptive web page with a "buy" button which leads to an email signup form. 
  6. Data to collect: # of people who filled out wufoo form. For the "Fake It" - # of clicks on 'Buy' button, # of emails collected


Update: here's my MVP form:


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