iFooledHarvard.com (a Wicked Cape production)

In 1983 I looked like this:

In 2005 I looked like this:

Drafted by the Pittsburgh penguins in 2002, when times were good I looked like this:

But more often than not after 400+ professional hockey games I looked like this:

Gross, I know. I gave enough jabs and ate enough hooks that it was time to pursue my other passion while I still had a few brains left...

Enter Wicked Cape.

I printed up 300 Wicked Cape giveaway tee shirts and gave them to anybody around town that had a smile or friendly disposition. 

(that's Teddy. He's a bad ass)

I filed a patent, invested in some foam, and moved my office from the locker room to Cape Cod Bay. With Wicked Cape Workouts I brought my hockey training to the water, literally. I kept shirts in the Wicked Cape Mobile (hand painted with $8 worth of chalk paint) and gave them to anybody adventurous enough to join me in a Wine Workout. (also own wineworkouts.com, get at me Gary!)

30 minute cardio ON TOP OF the water:

(Kelly Mara @breatheitsfree)

Followed workout with 30 minutes sharing a bottle of red wine (resveratrol=healthy?) and discussed the theme of Wicked Cape: focus the mind, balance the body, awaken the soul.

Then something funny happened. For every one person that wanted a workout, 10 more just wanted to sit on my pad and drink, so like any good business owner I gave the people what they wanted. Enter our first trademark, Wicked Cape- "for sophisticated beach bums."

As a career professional athlete I have zero background or knowledge with Adobe, graphic design, merchandising, supply distribution chains, or even social media. Our first summer was mainly jabs and footwork (and more importantly taking notes when I get jabbed back). Feedback welcome. Right hook is coming soon...



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