iFoodpreneur (Food & Tech )

iFoodpreneur model (Think, Create, Play) is a food lab with the mission to accelerate food innovation to assist startups from ideation to implementation through design thinking, lean food startup methodology, certifications-licenses-badges, gamification, tools, test kitchen , and capital while contributing value to the food and tech ecosystems and having fun throughout the process.



  1. Food He.ro Smartphone Applicaton
  2. Crowd Funding Platform
  3. Industry Certifications, Licenses, Badges,
  4. Food Startup Playbook
  5. Test Kitchen – Dining Areas

Human Resources I will hire or contribute

  1. National Restaurant Association
  2. Industry Experts
  3. Association in Food & Tech Networks
  4. Venture Capital-Angel Investor Network
  5. Instructors


My customers are those that fall in any one of the following categories:

  • artisan food production & retail,
  • restaurants,
  • food trucks,
  • food service,
  • tech startups,  
  • education-training

I think what’s unique is our approach to simplifying and implementing the startup process where we alleviate risks and capital mistakes, demonstrate proof of concept, provide product testing- experimentation, subject matter experts, gamify the learning process, and capital assistance.   


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