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iChick Estimator - image 1 - student project

Well, here is the second view. My workaround — tricked Xcode into thinking this viewinstantiates the app...using storyboard. Hence, *self.presentsDesign. I have learned a lot, thus far. I'm further intrigued.

When I can actually program it, it will have a back button.  I'd like to get back to working on this; I will include the Quartz library for rounded corners and with all luck (and hard work) I'll create a working app!

Open to all offers of help and collaboration!



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The button didnt look good red anyway....I'll worry about that later. Thinking what I need is a tab bar to toggle between 2 views..great instructions in chap.7. Still, it's looking more complicated than anticipated.


I need to import logo image for top. Need to figure out how to make the button red.

iChick Estimator - image 3 - student project

Get cooking time for oven roasted chicken by inputting the weight listed on the package.
project could include a timer  and could include basting times.
Output could be the end time.
How often have you forgotten what time you put the chicken in? Before you throw out the nasty package with the weight, copy it into iChick. Season and prepare the bird and go on about your business while it roasts to perfection.
Web page will have recipe and comment area, testimonials and creator bio.
Georges Chicken Timer
Chicken Time
Ya Esta Listo
iChick Kitchen Helper
Bon App
In the '90s I worked with George in a notable gourmet catering and deli establishment on the East End of Long Island. Each morning we would prep and cook 25 chickens to put out that day. Cooking times were strictly by smell. George wouldn't go for this app, but nevertheless, I dedicate it to the memory of working with this expert and kind mentor. I also credit Mom, a great home cook; under her tutelage, at age 7, I stood on a chair and made scallopini.

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