Jenna Leigh Tait

American Ingénue



i want to paint!

Hi, everyone! My name is Jenna - a 28 year old school teacher with a yearning for the creative life. Other than my busy life in education, I spend my free time working on my blog, exploring the world, and attempting to learn everything I can. I have admired watercolor art for quite a while now, and seeing that I have a little extra time on my hands with summer vacation, figured this class was a perfect opportunity to get started. I have no experience, unlike some of the other talented members of this class, but I am very excited to get going. 

I attempted to mix some colors out of the starter set I bought. The above photo consists of everything I worked out of the medium yellow, crimson red, and phtalo blue in my kit. Playing with the colors was a lot of fun. I am really hoping to learn how to create some basic textures as well.

Okay, so here is my shoe - a pair of Frye boots I have been ogling for quite some time now.

I guess I am pretty happy since this is one of my first attempts using watercolors. For the future, I would like to work on steadying my hand for outlining/detail work. I felt very wobbly, and this led to a lot of scraggly lines and varying thicknesses in the work. I also need more practice at color-mixing. I had fun in the first task playing with the colors, but it was all experimental. I would like to get to the point where I can somewhat accurately predict what the color will turn out like. I also need to develop my paint/water ratio... these things probably just come with practice, practice, practice. 


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