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"i thank You God for most this amazing"

I've always loved this poem from e e cummings, and wanted to incorporate it into the order of service for my wedding day, but decided it would just be too much back then.

I've wanted to redecorate our messy office area for a while, and have been playing around with ideas to create a print of this poem, frame it, and then place it somewhere - however, I would have done it using photoshop. When I started this course, it was the first phrase that jumped into my head - and the ambiguity of the unfinished sentence ("day" is the beginning of the 2nd line of the poem) suits me - it could be an amazing day, night, project, plate of food, etc.

Herewith my notes from the first lesson - keywords and research:

I discovered the poem was written in 1950, so will try incorporate something from that era in the type or design. I love retro-type colours - colours that are sort of "dusty" and not quite true (e.g. powder blue, off-white or burnt orange, etc.). I also find that I'm drawn to designs which have clashing colours - those that you wouldn't quite expect to go together (orange and blue, brown and orange, etc.).

I think I'll go with a sort of sun/nature theme, as the rest of the lines of the poem talk about "leaping greenly spirits of trees" and "the blue true dream of a sky".

In my job in the corporate world, I've found that I miss nature -  hearing leaves in the wind, watching dappled sunlight, seeing birds playing in the various greens of a tree.

I decided to use Pinterest as a mood board, as I love seeing everything jumbled up next to each other. My board can be seen here.

Colour scheme (as gathered from the board):


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