i refuse to sink!

I refuse to sink!

Sometimes I feel that my head is barely above water!  I am hoping that this class will help me work a little smarter rather than harder.  I have a reputation for being very organised, but that takes so much time!  I am hoping to be able to link tasks together instead of constantly doubling up... or forgetting things! 

My background is that I am a full time teacher whose classes and responsibilities are often changing, not to mention that recently 3 full time staff have resigned so I need to "absorb" their workload as well!  In the 'free time' that I have I am also trying to start up an etsy shop with handmade art products and try running a blog.... lots to do and only so many hours in a day! And time for study and self-development? Ha!

So... can't wait to start this course and see what I can learn!


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