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"i am more than just a label"

i chose the phrase " i am more than just a label" because i didn't have a favorite book in mind, so these are the ideas i came up with.

 so the initial sketch, i have drawn 6 sketches, and i chose the letter L.

#1 & #2 sketches, are basically the same, the idea behind is how people are being judged based on their outward appearances, which a lot of times are not true, so its like they are wearing a mask, and people judge them based on the mask they're wearing, instead of who they really are.  

#3 & #4 sketches, also basically the same, the flower symbolizes beauty, inner beauty, so that's why it is inside the letter L, but it is withering because he/she is sad or feels like dying inside, because of the opinions and judgements of other people.

#5 & #6 sketches, is a letter L thats has ball and chains, symbolizes how people cant get rid of their 'social labels' (ie. loser, geek, nerd, goth, emo, black, white, rich, poor, christian, atheist, snob, popular, outcast, etc.) no matter how hard they try, its like they are bound to their social labels.

so here are my final sketches :)

and finally, the vector versions

let me know what you think :)


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