Zoe Allen

Self-taught illustrator/designer/hand-letterer



hundreds and thousands

I really enjoyed this course, its always realy intreresting to see what other designers are doing and thinking about different design elements through different lenses of creation. I'm actually working on being a surface pattern designer so I love the fact that the class project was to create a dot pattern!

This is a pattern I actually created for a summer collection of mine, I just wanted to create a simple blending pattern that would match a lot of the different patterns I had in the collection. So I used the colour palette I had already been working with and just did some random dots over the artboard, and when I turned it into a pattern block, the colours and the randomness of the dots instantly reminded me of the vanilla ice-creams I used to get as a kid that were covered in hundreds and thousands, which goes perfectly with the nostalgic summer theme of the collection. Although it's a simple concept I really love that it has a nostalgic meaning for me. Simple, yet satisfying and fun!



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