human village

human village - student project

human village - image 1 - student project


human village - image 2 - student project


human village - image 3 - student project 


This wasn't concept specifically done for the project but I thought it would be helpful if I shared my concept works for comic which I have yet to fully realize.

This is a human village set in fantasy world where monsters rule over them and are at their mercy. I imagined land where parts of humans were driven from war to find refuge in this place that happens to be barren land; these buildings are houses where the humans live in. 

The world environment I drew is intended to be alien like yet relatable to the real world; the vegetations and plants have bluish hue instead of green and there 3 suns in the sky with greenish tint instead of blue. 


I took most inspiration from African landscape features such as African Baobab Tree and inspiration of houses from Tata Somba houses.

human village - image 4 - student project


human village - image 5 - student project