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Impact Entrepreneurs are people just like you who have created businesses that help one or more people have a better life. Social entrepreneurs who realize that lifting one person lifts a community and that helping a community helps our world. 

If you've been wondering about social entrepreneurship and how you, too, could build a business that makes a difference,  Impact Entrepreneurs is the place for you.  Let's learn together and discuss and dream.

This is your home.  Please share your thoughts with us, tell us how we can make it a better experience for you and share your ideas about becoming an Impact Entrepreneur yourself.


About your host

In 2011, I went to Kenya for the first time.  I was astounded by the level of poverty and the beauty and generosity of the people who had so little.  These folks welcomed me into their home and showed such pride and warmth.



I'd long been wanting to "give back" but the trip to Kenya woke something up in me that had been hibernating. 

I returned to Kenya in 2012 and still couldn't quite get a grasp on HOW to help.  I'm an two-time entrepreneur but the way to actually create a business that would be profitable AND change lives eluded me. 

At about the same time, I became hooked on podcasts that interviewed successful entrepreneurs.  But there didn't seem to be any that really delved into social entrepreneurship.  And so, Impact Entrepreneurs was born. 


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