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Brianne VanTuyle




Hello Skillshare! My name is Brianne and my instagram account is @briannevantuyle

I use my account for sharing my illustrations with friends and some self promotion for my etsy shop. I recently started attending craft fairs, and have been gaining more followers who I don't know personally and are interested more in my work. I took this class to pick up some tricks and tools that will help me have a more engaging and exciting feed for my followers. :)

I've now started using Snapseed for editing photos , since taking this class, and I love it! The healing tool is great for editing out notes I've written on sketches, or other little distracting things, and I love the brush tools. 

I also checked out Iconosphere, and found that my most liked photos are those of my cut paper pieces (particularly one's that show my process or one's of pop culture characters). Also learned that most of my followers are more active in the evening, so that's a better time for posting. 

As for top 5 markets, I guess mine would be:



Paper Craft and Art

Kids Lit.




My goals are just to continue to share and produce work that I'm proud of. I'm definetly making an effort to look at accounts I follow and enjoy and really think about why, it is I enjoy thir images. Then I'll make an effort to include similar techniques and composition in my photos. 

Thanks for the class, Sophia!




*edited this post on 01/09/2019 - new instagram name, so the image is of my previous name, but I updated the links to me new name @briannevantuyle (I got married!). Also, I took a break from my Etsy since my day job got a bit busier, but I'm still making personal art for fun and loving it. :)


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