- student project




Act 1




William Kelly is in a bus, with the rest of the recruites, heading to base camp.

  • One shot is fired and a tire goes out.
  • The driver is able to keep the bus on track
  • But another shot and a second tire goes out.
  • The bus falls down the slope.
  • Kelly crawls out followed by another soldier.
  • They help the wounded driver out of the bus.
  • William crawls to the back of the bus and helps an injured soldier out.
  • The driver tells them where base camp is then dies.
  • William and the second soldier, out of the bus, help the injured soldier to base camp.
  • They get to base camp.
  • A female nurse walks outside to smoke.
  • She sees them coming, throws the cigarette down, and runs in to send doctors to their aid.
  • Four doctors rush out with a mat.
  • They place the injured soldier on it and rush him in.
  • Kelly and the other soldier go inside followed by the nurse.




  • The doctors take the wounded soldier to the back followed by the nurse.
  • Kelly and the other soldier sit down.
  • They talk about their lives leading up to being drafted.
  • The doctors come back into the room.
  • They with the soldier go back to the wreckage.
  • The nurse sit and talks with Kelly.
  • A friendship ensues.




  • A loud noise is heard outside.
  • Kelly and the nurse go outside to see the antagonist getting out of a helicopter.
  • Kelly and the antagonist exchange dialogue.
  • Kelly, getting angry, begins controlling the helicopter in an attempt to kill the antagonist.
  • The antagonist looks behind him, shocked.
  • The nurse gasps.

The blade goes through the antagonist, revealing him to be hologram.

  • Kelly, in shock and anger, releases the helicopter, throwing it back.
  • Kelly turns around to see a look of fear and shock in the nurse’s face.