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how wonderful life is - 2 week challenge


how wonderful life is now you're in the world 

This is the quote I chose for this project. This one is dedicated to my 2-year old daughter. I want to make a nice wall piece to hang in our apartment.  

I hope this challenge gives me more knowledge about layouts and composition as well as practice of my newbie skills. I'm very excited about this!



I'm always struggling so much with laying out my letters( I look at tonns of references before I even try to figure smth out myself. I really hope it gets easier))

These are the two versions I ended up with. Rather pleased with both of them although I think the second one is more interesting. These two are still sketches.. Sorry for the shaky letters btw! think I'm gonna try and add color to the second one. Develop it a little bit more coz it looks kinda dull right now in b/w.. What do you guys think? 




Pt3 - FINAL 

So today I tried to color the second version of my sketch and I hated the way it turned out.. So I began sketching again) Still struggling with the layouts but this is what I came up with in the end. Simple but whimsical.


I used guache and the NikkoG nib for the lettering. Still have a lot to learn of course.. But what do you guys think? 



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