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    One day I was out of laundry soap, still needed to shower, had to grab chicken from the store, and was still needed to get a list of vacation ideas together for a friend that was coming out for a week long trip, on top of that I still had a project due for school and my bike had a flat tire. How do I solve this problem for myself? I look to my cellphone. TaskRabbit doesn't exist here. Within three minutes after clicking the red button on the hotCoffee app I received a phone call from an employee of mine. "Jack, how can I help you?" "I need chicken, laundry soap, and a list of at least ten creative things for a friend to do for a week in SF. The first two I need by the time I get out of the shower, the last I need by 8 pm. And if you can find a bike tire for a road bike... I need one of those too." The packaged arrived as I stepped out of the shower. "The employee pedaled away, " and I marked "task complete" on the hotCoffee app and payment was sent out to the employee via PayPal.

  • How much does this employee get paid?
  • Can the employee upload resources they might have in order to complete larger jobs for more money?
  • Can we still incorporate VA's in order to get the idea list together and save time?

Brainstorming what I want...

As a customer can I press the button 24hours a day?As a customer can I receive a 12 pack of PBR through your service(if I am old enought to buy it)?
As a customer can I request you drive a particular vehicle?
As an employee will I be expected to be on call 24 hours a day?
As an employee will I be paid a salary if I will be available 24 hours a day?
As a cyclist do you cover insurance for theft or accident?
As a driver what percentage of my insurance is covered?
As a customer do I have to use PayPal or can I pay directly from my credit or debit card?


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