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horseshoes and hand grenades

How many times have you been this close to wooing the fabulous new client, winning the design award or coming up with the product that finally puts you on the map? As anyone hustling to make it in the design industry knows, "almost" simply doesn't cut it. Frank Robinson said, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades." (He intended to make a point about baseball, but I think he made a fabulous point about life in general.)

With horseshoes and hand grenades, you can miss the target but still accomplish your mission. In most other circumstances, there's no consolation prize to be had if you aren't the winner. Admittedly, this can be a dismal perspective, but if the reality drives you to betterment, it makes for a really bright future.

Success is just around the bend, but if you don't make it....well, you don't make it. Let's make it and make it big, shall we?

Below is a collection of inspiration scrap. From yard games to military aircraft, I've gathered a wide range of visuals to compose a mood board. I'm going for a blend of Western and Military aesthetics. My husband and I recently moved from San Antonio, Texas for his job with the Air Force, so I'm looking forward to work at spanning the two distinct vibes.

(Note: I'm shying away from being too literal, i.e. illustrating a grenade and horseshoe for my project. Any thoughts on why that might be a good or bad sentiment?)

Lettering Warm-Up Results:

I chose "horseshoes" for my warm-up word, but then realized that it's terribly long, and the last half of it just repeats characters from the first, so I shortened it to "horse" for my warm-up.

It's been thumbnailing, sketching and tracing galore the last week or so. Here are a few in-process shots to see where my project is headed.


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