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hook and loop summer shirt

another iteration.  Something missing here too.  Probably not really a t shirt design.

something is missing.  I want to keep it one color, but the white is just a little too much.

#5 I haven't a photo for and this project hopefully will be #6

#4  My son's favorite baseball player plays on my favorite baseball team the Royals.  His name is Moustakus and everyone yells Moose when he is up to bat so that is were this shirt came from.  It also doubled as a birthday gift to my oldest boy.

#3  I was really happy with this one.  Obviously it was for the month of March, but there are plans to do a series of different hook and loop 45 record silkscreens.

#2  Took this from an old I think it was a burger joint logo that said best food yet.  It was hard in a way to use the word art because I kinda hate the pretension that word invokes.  I also do not think my art is the best, but I did get the two color silk screen to work though.  I have a real low budget set up in my basement without one of those fancy multi color screen machines so having to eyball it the way I do this came out relatively well I think.

My goal this year is to make a t shirt a month.  For me.  Not necessarially for sale or anyone elses consumption but for me.  I have spent time in the past trying to think of a shirt others will like and I just want to end the year with 12 shirts that I would want to wear.  This was the first one.  In trying to find something else to put under hook and loop I realized I have been using that name since at least 1997.  It started as a zine and is now kind of represents me creatively.


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