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home is... - student project

This was my first workshop I attended on skillshare. Thank you, Dylan for the inspiration! It helped me to explore ink a bit further and to get a sense for structuring a project. Unfortunately I couldn't finish my cards - because life and busy work got in the way. :/ But I decided to post a bit of my process anyway. 


home is... - image 1 - student project


My idea was, to take some things, that I think make my home MY home. 

As a uniting element I wanted to take the sentence "Home is where the ..... is" and fill it in with the things I chose. The differences would come in through the motives. Other uniting elements would have been the slightly cut-off frame at the bottom and the use of washed ink and the way of the slightly rough lineart.


First some experiments with the ink:


home is... - image 2 - student project


Then my thumbnails:


home is... - image 3 - student project


Then I tried to figure out wich inking-styles I wanted to use by blocking some of them out of sight:


home is... - image 4 - student project


For the lineart and the writing I used my nib and took some tries before writing on the finished card:


home is... - image 5 - student project


And here is the one card I managed to finish ;)


home is... - image 6 - student project


There are some things that didn't work out as well as I wanted them. The edges for example didn't turn out that great. I masked them with tape, but the ink was flowing underneath anyway.

And I don't think the motive it self turned out to be super recognizable - it's supposed to be a microphone ;), because we make music at home and I sing. 


Thanks again for this experience and the oppurtunity to take a step more on the artist-path! 

I also scrolled through some of the other projects. Great jobs guys and girls! :)

Maria Mondkatze
dark ink artist