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holiday haunts & max huber

For my first project I decided to go with the same poster that Meg chose just in case I faced problems along the way and needed to troubleshoot. So that worked out well. The main issue that I faced had to do with getting the right texture to apply as the pattern overlay. The original's stippled texture adds a lighter element to the main colors. I'm thinking that if I created my own texture with a bright/light paint brush on top of a sightly darker background I could achieve this. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyways, here is the original:


And here is my practice version:


I loved this project so much because I learned A TON about photoshop. I am going to keep remaking posters for practice and then create some of my own!

So here's another I just practiced on. The original:


And here's my version:


Safe to say I'm hooked on this process of learning.


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