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hold my art supplies

First off, what a lovely, upbeat class. Thanks for the insight and tips, Kate. I liked the approach to this assignment - no fuss, just admiration.

I have some more "obvious" collections, but I like the idea of a collection of things that can be easily overlooked.

Everyday, I use and look at these things - I trust them to hold my tools and supplies... and honestly, some of them are quiet unique.

Here is my collection of things that hold my art supplies:

  • Flour Tin
  • Coffee Mug
  • Pickel Jar
  • Repurposed Tin Cans
  • Repurposed Candle Jar
  • Trinket Jar
  • Wicker Bag
  • Cermaic Owl
  • Wooden Box
  • Plastic Organizer

I decided to take out my sketchbook, a cup of tea, and my supplies to draw and admire these things.


Next, I continued with ink and watercolor.


After scanning the work, I cleaned and rearranged the collection in Photoshop.


Overall, this is a charming way to reflect and appreciate everyday things. I hope to apply and refine this approach to other collections.

Thanks for checking out my project! I look forward to seeing everyone's unique collections.

- Alex


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