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"hey you, too much thinking, not enough doing!!" - torrie asai

*note: most recent updates are on top here for easier access! :)

final inked piece and description below!! :D

Description written below:

11/26/13: my final inked sketch!  i was so disappointed because i'd finished everything in one shot here, but messed up on the wobbly "D" in "Doing."  if i were to be a winner in MK's challenge, i'd for sure re-do the D, fix the darn calligraphy nib :( and maybe thicken up any other lines that MK suggests!  So, a few special elements i'd like to point out:

  • ink bottles in the corners..i love these, but i'm not an illustrator, so if there's a better way to draw, please let me know :)
  • the pointed finger with a string tied around it!  as if to say "hey you, don't forget!" in a sweet, playful way.
  • i straightened up "Thinking" a bit because it was looking a little too playful, almost making it "arts n' craftsy."
  • i love how the "h" swash and "g" swash of thinking form a thought-bubble to signify the thinking and how the ribbon with "too much" and "not enough" going through the thought-bubble ends up pointing to "doing" as if to say, "get to the Doing!!"  :)
  • the three little thought-bubble dots off to the right also signify an ellipses (!!) which is another form of "thinking" (in written form). 
  • I also wanted "Doing" to be in a calligraphy style - clean and simple as if to stand out from all the "busy thinking" above.  
  • I LOVE how the calligraphy nib and drips of ink form an exclamation point!! :D
  • and lastly... the point is... "#keepcreating!!"  sometimes just creating and not being able to fail is what leads you to creative discoveries, but you only get there by doing!!

as i mentioned before, i originally doodled this quote very quickly (original version at the very bottom of the post) because i literally said this to myself in that moment, when i'd been thinking too hard about a design concept and staring at inspiration of other people's work, but i just wasn't acting or doing anything with it - just analyzing, admiring, and thinking about what i wanted to do.  so this was literally thought up as a note to self! 

I LOVED THIS CLASS and I LOVE WHAT I'VE COME UP WITH!! of course, i could do this piece over and over and over again in ink to "perfect" it because i'm never satisfied.. (and i still am open to the idea that might even ink it again if anyone suggests any fixes)...but for now, this is the best one yet!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! grateful for all of you and your feedback!!! skillshare is AWE-SOME!!

11/13/13: sometimes you've got to take a step back to get it right... here's a new final pencil draft with a modified border, longer banner within the bubble, and different detail above and below the banner to tie everything in a little better... 

thoughts?? :D

11/7/13: well, i have to show you the good, bad, and ugly, right? sometimes we end up taking a few steps back, but we can never be afraid to TRY, even if that means it might be a failure! either way, it helped give me direction a lot quicker than just picturing different elements in this piece without putting pen to paper. :) i'll definitely need to do another ink version tomorrow... but it's definitely looking better and more full after filling letters in! suggestions for improvement?

note to self:  i'm probably going to remove the little decorative elements above/below the ribbon...they don't seem to have a point. and also those ugly lines near the point of the arrow. but still... definitely some things i liked after inking some more!

11/6/13: just got a new printer today that has a working scanner!! so excited! plus, here's my first inked version using the scanner!! it could use some work and need to start deciding what's going to be filled in. :)

11/5/13: i'm thinking about adding more embellishments/excitement to my lettering styles rather than these simple, basic styles i've used in my sketches so far... ironically, i might be OVERTHINKING this! haha! :( "hey you" will also probably go back to all lowercase. 

11/4/13: another update! this one's looking better. what do you think? corners have ink bottles and "hey you" has got some capital letters now. "Thinking also has more weight as does "Doing."  i also adjust the slant of the D a bit. this looks pretty compleeete....! any last thoughts?

11/3/13: with every trace i think it gets closer... sorry it's so light, but how does it feel to you overall?  not sure what to put in the corners just yet. the pointed finger does have a string tied around it... and maybe the "hey you!" part needs to be a little bigger and "thinking" could use a little more weight now that i'm looking at it again..maybe "Doing" could even use more weight....thanks for your feedback, as always!!

11/1/13: one more small update for today... small detail changes can really help a lot. still need to keep adding...

10/31/13 update!  a little cleanup and some new elements :)

10/31/13:  went back and combined a couple "Final" drafts from 10/30! I think we're getting somewhere!!  i think i need to add more flourishes toward the bottom by "Doing," but i'm liking this better!! thoughts?? :)

**thanks to everyone who's providing opinions and suggestions! they've all helped contribute to this design!**

10/30/13: i think this might be close to my final layout!! thanks for all the comments and feedback!! they really helped!  final thoughts? sometimes "simpler" is better, i guess!! :D any ideas on how i can add some embelishments, though?

10/30/13: still trying to nail down the layout and design... it's a bit boring still...

10/23/13 update 2: just another quick idea i had...

is the pointed finger too busy-looking?

10/23/13 update!

I think I've got a draft I'm starting to like!! any suggestions?? :D

10/23/13:  thumbnails...

well, this is going terribly... i can't think of a good layout for these words! i want "doing" to be more emphasized than "thinking," but "thinking" sits right in the center of the phrase (thus, right in the center of the page!).  slightly frustrated about it.  any ideas??? the most complete one is obviously that bottom left and i do like that it's balanced and all within a thought-bubble! but again, "thinking" is emphasized over "doing" and i don't care so much for the placement of "too much."

10/18/13 update: Lettering Warmup

I was amazed at what came out of trying these different lettering styles. it was definitely unexpected. so far i like this idea of THINKING (with brain image) and DOING (with heart image? not sure that works/what it means). or the thinking script with swashes that look like a thought bubble... or even the simple serif that gives the feeling of "education/intelligence" with maybe an image of stacked books.

does anyone have any thoughts on these? i think i'm leaning toward the simple serif the most right now... but not sure yet :)

10/18/13:  Reference Material!

10/17/13 update: Choosing Application!

I've decided on a POSTER for this project! so creatives (like myself!) could hang it up near my "working" area, or anyone for that matter could hang it up where they need a gentle reminder. :)

10/17/13: Word Association!

My words are slightly unhelpful i feel.  anyone else have any, more creative thoughts other than these concepts?  i'm thinking arrows are the only thing i can work with here... how ironic -  ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!! haha!

Added words:  brain, heart, glasses, books, question marks, (negative space) arrows?

10/16/13:  Collecting a list of phrases to chose from.

1. "Technically, the glass is always full."

2. "I wish my eyes could take photos!" (one version i've already done here).

3. "Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder." (one version i've already done here).

4. "Nothing says something as beautifully as hand-drawn lettering." (by sean wes)

5. "Little by little, one travels far." (one version i've already done here).

6. "Let your light shine bright." (adapted from this craft).

7. "Hey you, too much thinking, not enough doing!" (something i'd told myselfone day. it was meant to be a kick in my own butt for staring at inspiration that others created for too long and not starting to create. so here's to us creating! (**WINNER!!**)

i think i've got to go with that last one.  it seemed to resonate with people on pinterest and i literally wrote that version out in a few minutes right after i'd thought it, so it'd be nice to take a stab at making it more "official." :D here was my original just for reference:


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