hey samantha design co.

hey samantha design co. - student project

Phase 1: Mood Board (uploaded 5/27)

I want to design a label for my freelance business name "hey samantha design co."...well actually, I'm intending for the "label" to be the front of my business card. Ideally, this class will be the kickstart I need to redesign my logo.. something I've been procrsatinating for a very long time! I've always been intrigued and inspired by handlettered and illustrated labels, signs, prints, etc. and want to incorporate the look into my personal branding.

The current cover photo for my project is something I found while scanning Pinterest and it immediately resonated with me, since it is similar to a business card proportion and utilizes the entire space to tell a story. I want my final piece to emulate this look as well as include icons (something I want to then incorporate into my website).

Below are a bunch of images I just pinned as I saw them.. some that inspire me for type style, some for color palette, others just becuase they're clever. I hope to then narrow these down as I start to formulate a more solid concept for my specific purposes.

hey samantha design co. - image 1 - student project