hex mix

Howdy! I've dabbled in glitch art before, primarily focusing on capturing glitches in progress - digital TV signals, corrupted video games, etc. Cracking open and messing with image files is new and exciting territory!

By the way, my project page seems to have trouble uploading the JPG files I created...so the images below are all PNGs, which uploaded without complaint.

So, last night's mix session from beginning to end. Started with a screen shot:

After typing in a string of text somewhere in the file using TextEdit, then copy-pasting a chunk of the file:

Here's where it starts to get wacky. Search and replace the hex '7A' with '7B':

Got this result - somehow - when I dragged that image into this project page to upload it. Happy accidents. Screen shot of that new, different image:

Decided to rotate the image and delete some chunks:

Weird, some of these images keep appearing differently when they get into this project page...lucky for me they seem to end up looking better. Moving on, I did a little search-and-replace (can't remember which characters, just that it was text):

Rotated that one AGAIN, cropped it down, copied and pasted a section, deleted some hex, saved it out at a 0 quality JPG:

Like someone else said, you can only do the same thing so many times before you get bored. So I focused in on a 16x16 macroblock grabbed as a screenshot of the above image. I scaled it up to 1K square and saved as a 0 quality JPG:

A couple more variations made by search-and-replace:

From the above image I took ANOTHER macroblock, 12x12 this time, scaled it to .5K square and saved as 0 quality JPG:

Took that image in Photoshop and saturated/leveled the crap out of it to get this last image:

Hope you enjoyed checking 'em out. Looking forward to starting on the next project!


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